In order to guarantee the financial security of your future EUROLIFE Group offers a broad range of products and plans with the main emphasis on capital-forming life and accident insurance.

These internationally well proven products meet the strict requirements of our clients and are offered in packages which are tailored to the specific needs and demands of our customers.

GRAWE Excellent secure

GRAWE Excellent secure offers a life insurance plan combined with asset growth. You can enjoy the security of an insurance plan, while simultaneously growing your assets through high earnings from investment funds.

 Fund Structure (target distribution)

GRAWE Excellent profit
Flexible term:                10 - 25 years
Minimum age at issue date:  15 years
Maximum age at issue date: 65 years
Minimal premium:  
If annual premium   600 EUR
If single premium     3000 EUR
Gender: male/female
Age: 30 years
Contract term:   20 years
Annual premium:   600 EUR
Premium sum: 12,000 EUR
Model calculation with assumed annual yield:  

Payout at the maturity (EUR)

(The payout is based on the assumed appreciation rates shown): 

2%  12450,47 

4%  15354,18  

6%  19065,46