In order to guarantee the financial security of your future EUROLIFE Group offers a broad range of products and plans with the main emphasis on capital-forming life and accident insurance.

These internationally well proven products meet the strict requirements of our clients and are offered in packages which are tailored to the specific needs and demands of our customers.

GRAWE Excellent unique

This is a product for those who are looking for a safe investment of their capital, and are expecting to have a financially secured future for themselves and their close ones.

Excellent Unique

The one-time GRAWE Excellent unique investment combines the benefits of a lucrative investment and life insurance.

Flexible investment amount- Flexible period of function

  • You pick an amount from 5.000 to 50.000 Euro at the start of the agreement. This sum will be invested by financial experts for a period of time, specified by You (10 years min).

GRAWE Excellent unique is a profitable investment product with a guarantee

  • We are guaranteeing the return of Your investment. Our financial experts will invest Your capital in EUR with maximum security.

At the end of the agreement You will receive the invested capital and the bonus gain in the form of taking part in the income, which can be high, due to all of the capital being invested at the very beginning.

GRAWE Excellent unique
Example: (actual 2016 calculation)
Gender: male/female
Age: 45 years
One-time premium: 15.000 EUR
Contract term: 20 years
Guaranteed income: 16.655 EUR
Bonus from taking part in investing*): 4 641,75 EUR
Total income*): 21 296,75 EUR

*) Bonus from taking part in the investments is not guaranteed. The rate of accumulated bonus can be lower or higher than shown in example.